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4 Amazing Ways a Time Tracking Software Can Help You Succeed


An individual or a business can succeed at a much faster rate if they fully utilize all their resources or investment, and can account for every minute spent on work. The best and the easiest way to do this is through a time tracking software. With the digitization of workspaces, creation of virtual organizations, and advancement in technology, it is only natural that time tracking will also be digitized. Instead of maintaining heaps of physical registers and timesheets, automated timekeeping softwares can be used to monitor employees, log tasks, track the time spent on tasks and allocate resources according to priority, so your business yields higher revenues. This article will help you understand five amazing ways in which a time tracking software can help you succeed.

Log Tasks in Time sheets Using A Time Tracking Software

Many automated timesheet softwares come with a timer that one can start with a click before they begin working on a particular task. After starting it, they can forget about it and complete their task uninterrupted. Your employees can do this for every task they work on during the work hours. At the end of their shift, the time tracking software will have an organized list of tasks completed successfully. This way, you can quickly check your employee’s progress on a certain project and assign further tasks accordingly.

Screen Monitoring Ensures Your Team Is On The Right Track

A number of employers feel that they must be present with the team in person to keep guiding them on how to perform certain tasks and how to work on a project. Instead of their physical presence, it is much easier and feasible to use a time tracking software for this purpose. Many latest softwares allow you to access employers’ screens in real-time so you can keep a track of what they are working on and whether they are going in the right direction or not.

Time Tracking Software Reduces Team Communication Gaps

Communication is the key to a healthy work environment. Interactivity with your employees ensures that their concerns reach you and you are able to convey your concerns, requirements and goals to them. As mentioned above, if you find that your employers are straying off the track when it comes to task completion or progress, you can use time tracking softwares like StaffTimerApp to communicate with your employees. This solution allows employers to add comments to employees’ assigned tasks and even send a quick voice note to notify employees on how to perform a particular task. These voice notes are two-way and allow the employees to clear their concepts by responding via a voice clip as well.

Focus on Growing Your Business, Not Team Management

Using these time tracker softwares allow you to focus on growing your business instead of spending a sizeable portion of your time in managing employees. A number of latest time clock softwares allow you view employees’ video logs. These video logs are compiled from real-time screen grabs and are provided in the form of videos that a few seconds in length. These give the employers a quick overview of what the employees achieved in a day when it comes to daily performance.


Using these remote monitoring and time tracking options, employers can truly focus on growing their business, appropriately rationing their resources and setting priorities. Worrying about team management is a thing of the past. Employers can keep an eye on their team, improve communication, resolve issues, and keep a track of the work direction the employees are taking with respect to projects and tasks, all without loopholes.