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5 Corporate Training Every Employee Must Take


The continuously growing competition and the need for highly skilled employees have given rise to a widespread corporate training culture. In earlier days the technology wasn’t so much developed, the competition was at the bottom so the need for providing training wasn’t that crucial.

With the evolution of time, the requirements of companies in terms of skilled employees increased. Hiring an employee with all the desired skills is a tough job, the only escape to this problem is providing the training. Training can be delivered in two ways-

  • Traditional Corporate Training
  • LMS Corporate Training

What is the difference between these two methods of Training?

Traditional Corporate Training- This method of training includes in-house training. Employers organize training classes for their employees, trainers are outsourced, time schedules are rigid, and everyone has to modify their daily schedules as per the class timings. This training method includes a lot of cost involvement, the frequency of investment depends on the skill requirements.

The biggest trouble with this method was that with every skill update, the employers had to call trainers again for the training classes. Employees sometime couldn’t attend the program and it resulted in the loss of skill growth.

LMS Corporate Training- This training program is the perfect solution to bridge all the skill gaps in the employees. LMS corporate training is a distinct way of providing training to employees. It is continuous in nature and can be accessed by employees at any time of the day.

LMS corporate training is a training software designed to make the training an easy and efficient task. Employees are provided with the access of portal from where they can attend training classes at any time of the day. The learning is not rigid or time-bound, they have the freedom to go through the classes anywhere, anytime. If anything is difficult to understand at one go, the employee can re-watch it ends number of times.

Corporate Training is not limited to just one aspect of the workplace, it includes every factor that makes the working environment a success. The employer can choose from multiple training programs and implement the one suiting their needs and requirements. It is the duty of every employee to take the training classes seriously, and learn as many possible new skills, this would not only cater the company’s growth but also enhance employee’s development. Here is a list of 5 corporate training that every employee must take:

  • Functional/ Product Training

This training deals with all the basic yet most crucial elements of an organization. The multiple things that are taught through these training programs are-

New Hire Induction- Every time a new employee is hired, it is important for the HR department to make them aware of all the guidelines and working policies. The incomplete data sharing would result in multiple errors by the employee. Through functional training, the jobs, duties and all the key areas of responsibilities are brought to the employees.

Customer Centric- Every business lives with the goal of delivering customer satisfaction. As the ratio of customer happiness increases the profit percentage of the company also speeds up. It’s the employee of the company that works for the customer satiation, they should be well aware of all the needs and demands of customers. They should be trained to solve the queries as early as possible.

  • Process Training

How things are done in a company? The answer to this question is quite significant. Every enterprise has its own way of doing things, their process may also differ likewise. Employees must be trained hard to perform the job according to the actual process.

This training also finds a way to improve the usual process of doing things and brings innovation to them. Process improvement is done very efficiently through this training program.

  • Behavioural Training

How an employee behaves in the workplace matters a lot. If the behaviour is professional, the working aura would also be very calm and poise. Every employee has to work by the ethics of the company if the rules are not followed the performance would also be affected.

Behavioural Training looks after certain areas-

Soft Skills- It is a set of skill that investigates the behaviour, speaking pattern, and punctuality of the employees. Training program brings all the necessary improvements to these areas.

Individual Effectiveness- This aspect measures the efficiency of an employee as an individual worker. How feasible is the employee while performing a task individually is checked upon and improved through the training program.

Team Effectiveness- Working in a team is not an easy task, it deals with multiple egos, different ideas, handling all of this and achieving goals simultaneously is taught through Behavioural Training.

  • Leadership Training

Some people are born leader while some needs to learn the skills to develop leadership abilities. Leadership is not an easy task, it takes up all responsibilities of the team. If the employees perform nicely the leader would be praised and if the performance is poor the blames would also go on the leader.

Leadership Training is a must for employees. There are many employees who are not aware of their leadership skills, but through this training programs they can encounter those skills and work towards improving them.

  • Technical Training

With the growing technologies, the employees need to upgrade their technical skills as well. These technical skills can be enhanced only through training and knowledge providence. Organizations today put a lot of investment in the development of technical efficiencies. The prevalent cut-throat competition has made the survival of companies quite difficult. Those who keep themselves updated with all the advancements will only succeed, the others lacking these efficiencies will fail miserably.

Technical training also trains the employees to save the company’s data from the causes of data breaches. They are made aware of all the major and minor cybersecurity basics so that the data theft or data corruption does not occur.

These were the five most significant training program that every employee must take. Skill development is important in all these areas. In today’s world providing training to employees has become cost-efficient through LMS corporate training. It is not a choice to make but has evolved to be a mandatory element for success achievement.