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Frequently Asked Storage Building Questions On Storage Building

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Almost everyone in the United States could use a little extra storage space. Whether the economy is doing well or not, we have things that we want to keep, but don’t want or don’t need to stay inside our homes. Astonishing as it may seem, most of our garages do not own house cars, but instead, have become impromptu storage buildings for those things we don’t need right now, but can’t bear to part with.


Public Storage

Public storage is an option, but it is usually not the best option. In most cases, storing your belongings in a public storage facility as like storage units Seattle involves both the expense of the storage fees, and the time and expense of driving back and forth to get the things you need when you need them, and that can be a hassle. This is particularly troubling when you realize that you can buy a portable storage building in most cases for less than the cost of a year of storage fees!


Do I need extra storage space?

If you have trouble getting through your garage, or if you cannot park your car in your garage, there is a pretty good chance that you may need some extra storage space. There are other clues; boxes stacked in corners of rooms, closets where clothes cannot be hung because they are full of last year’s Christmas decorations, or finding that your local government has re-zoned your home as a warehouse district are all surefire signs that you may need some help in this area.


How much storage space will I need?

Space is usually measured in terms of cubic feet, that is length, times width, times height. A 10’x10’x8′ space has 100′ of floor space, times the height of 8′ gives an overall space of 800 cubic feet. The actual space needed will depend on the nature of what you are storing, and the need to access it. If you leave space for aisles, the cubic feet of aisle space will need to be subtracted from the available space. To find the cubic feet of the material you want to store, you can measure the boxes to get the number of cubic feet per container and multiply that by the number of containers you have.


Should I lease or buy storage space?

That depends on your situation. If you are sure that you will only need to store your goods for a month, then commercial storage may meet your needs. In almost all other cases, the actual purchase of storage space is best. You will not have to waste fuel and time driving back and forth, will not have to waste money on rental fees, and will have a multi-use building available for other future uses, plus, the addition of a storage shed to your property will add value to your property which will exceed the cost you will pay for the building itself.


What are my payment options for buying storage space?

Most companies offer some variety when it comes to financing. Of course, everyone loves cash, home improvement loans are another option, and the dealer will usually have other options such as banks, finance companies, and rent to own. You will have to decide which the best route is for you. There are also many fine buildings that can be purchased at prices small enough to allow you to buy your portable storage building outright, or with only a few credit card payments.


How does the utility building get to my home?

Depending on what you are purchasing, it could be built on site, but in most cases in the portable building industry, the building will be pre-fabricated and delivered on a trailer to your home. The path to your home should be free of obstructions, and the location accessible, and the seller will probably ask you a few questions designed to help them load the building so that it can be offloaded in the proper position.


How do I decide where to put my utility building?

Placing your storage building is probably something you have thought about before the actual purchase of the building. It should be easy to access, and easy to work around when doing lawn care. You should have the building placed an adequate distance from other buildings, fences, or trees, to be able to move your lawn mower between, and in a place that will not block irrigation.


How do I maintain my utility building?

Periodic cleaning is about all you will need to do for regular maintenance, other than occasionally oiling hinges on the doors. About once a season, it would be good to look for any loose fasteners and take appropriate action if there are any. When cleaning your building, mild soap and water are all you should need. Avoid using harsh chemicals, or abrasives.


Can I use my utility building for office or commercial space?

Portable buildings can be manufactured in such a wide variety of styles and sizes, that they can be used for almost any purpose you can imagine! You should check all local ordinances and laws to be sure that your building and business comply with any applicable zoning laws. You may even be able to write off the cost as a business expense in some cases