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Best Ways To Maintainance Of Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids users want also proper maintenance for the hearing aids. You also repair the Hearing aids with the help of their maintenance facility. Hearing aids are a very sensitive piece or small piece. When you use the hearing aids then you also need the proper repair. You also do the proper care and maintenance of the hearing aids. Maintenance facilities are done by many types of conditions.

Depending on the conditions, What type of maintenance problems are occurred into the hearing aids. Maintenance process is very good of the hearing aids. It is also very important for hearing aids. It is also important scheduled daily cleaning of their hearing aids. Specialists or audiologist give the best and proper maintenance facilities or deep cleaning of the hearing aids.

Visual Inspection of Maintenance:

  1. Battery check: If you check the battery then no corrosion, no dirt and, no rust on inside the battery compartments. You also check the battery every morning with the help of battery tester.
  2. Earmold: You must check the wax in holes and ensures that no gap into the ear and they fit properly into the ear. Hearing aids have no cracks.

  3. Tubing: To make sure, Hearing aids are not cracked, not twisted, not excessively hard or not discolored.

  4. Hearing aids are very clean all the time when you wear it. They have no cracks in the casing. It controls move easily.


Maintenance Ideas:

  1. Hearing aids should keep away of Moisture and Heat, If you will not do It will cause damage to the internal directions.

  2. Clean Hearing aids are concealed.

  3. You also consume your hearing aids battery life.

  4. Power consumptions and battery safety will also do for the Hearing aids.

  5. When you dont use the hearing aids then you must be turned off.

  6. You also far away from the batteries from the children and the pets.

  7. Hearing loss patients also prevent it from falling down.

  8. You dont spill liquid on the hearing aids.

  9. Checks the Hearing aid should be fitted well.

  10. The Cords should not be twisted and knotted.

  11. The receiver should not come with contact with water.

  12. They protect for heat, dirt and, dust.


Maintenance cleaning a BTE earmold:

You use a wax loop daily to remove wax, dirt, etc from all holes in the earmold and also deeper into the middle ear.  The earmold can be detached from the hearing aid and wet in soapy water after that removed from the hearing aid to try. One earmold washes at a one time to prevent the hearing aid mix-ups. You also clean with a dry cloth. You never use the alcohol for the cleaning purpose for the hearing aids.


Maintenance Dry aid Kit:

In the night, You remove the battery of the hearing aids You also place the hearing aid and earmold into the dry kit. Kit does not open all time when you used the kit then you open the kit otherwise keep the kit closed at all times.

Maintenance Listening Check:

  1. Make sure does not occur the unwanted noise in the hearing aids.

  2. You used the listening tube for checks how are works the hearing aid: pops sound occurs or not, Distortion, unwanted noise.

  3. You check with the help of speaking alphabets and listening to the sound, What types of sounds are occurring in the Hearing aids.

  4. Press the on/off button of the hearing aids. And checks the accessibility of the sound.


Some Points about Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Test the battery when battery light is red then the battery is good otherwise battery is in bad condition.

  2. Clean the hearing cloth with a dry cloth.

  3. Clean and wash the earmold.

  4. Replace the tubing and battery.

  5. Replace the Hearing aids.