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Disadvantages Of Green Tea

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What is Green Tea?

Green tea is one of three kinds of tea known for their medical advantages. Verifiably, green tea has been prominent in eastern nations, for example, – Japan, Thailand and India. While green tea may offer numerous favorable circumstances, for example, various medical advantages, it has drawbacks too.

Why Green Tea is Bad for You?

Green tea is contraindicated for some wellbeing conditions. Be that as it may, since it contains caffeine, thusly there are some disadvantages as well.

A portion of the dietary realities about green tea is it contains 99.5% of water, Antioxidants, and Alkaloids, Polyphenols, Tannin, theophylline, caffeine. It contains No calorie, fat, sugar.

Some of the Disadvantages of Green Tea are:

Sleep Disorder

Green Tea contains caffeine and an excess of caffeine can cause nausea, a sleeping disorder or frequent urination.

Kidney or Liver Damage

Researchers have warned the users that intake this tea in vast sums can act risk to the kidney like well as the liver. hence it is risky to take it in an expansive amount.

Health Risk

The items from which it is made contain polyphenols in huge amounts in this manner it can represent a risk to our health wellbeing.

Child Fertility

Pregnant ladies have been instructed to bring down their intakes with respect to these kinds of teas or maybe stop drinking it. EGCG can meddle with the child’s development which can create complications.

Injury Cause

Those with iron deficiency should utilize alert, as green tea may aggravate it.

Eye Problem

If you have glaucoma, green tea can build the weight inside your eyes, an impact that can keep going for as long as an hour and a half after ingestion.

Hormone Disorder

Youthful youngsters ought to abstain from drinking this as it may not be reasonable for their body or may meddle with development hormones.

Throat Disease

Scalding tea can harm your stomach related framework. Additionally, recent studies suggest that an excess of hot tea can advance throat disease.


Because of caffeine, green tea may make gentle extreme cerebral pains and migraines can likewise be brought about by iron lack.

High Heart Rate

Caffeine causes your pulse to accelerate this may cause unpredictably quick heartbeat this circumstance is known as tachycardia. This circumstance makes you have a feeling that your heart is beating very fast in the chest.


Green tea caffeine may expand the danger of draining in light of the fact that you should far from it you have any bleeding issue.

Teeth Stain

The significant terrible impacts of expanding green tea, with respect to teeth since they contain tannins and furthermore, it is because of its acidic nature. These two elements cause the stain on your teeth.