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How IOT has transformed the use of mobile applications in a day to day life


Mobile apps play a vital role in glueing the user to a phone screen. Mobile app developers pay attention to grab the attention of the market by giving a unique feature to apps for better performance. Hence this needs a platform of IoT to groom the mobile application for advanced performance. Best Mobile App Developers have great concern with IoT for developing a new application to suit the user and to achieve a good place in the market.

IoT integrated into a mobile application

Interconnecting the mobile devices to the internet through some mobile apps is greater achievement and advancement of technology. IoT is doing a greater part of this automation technology. For instance, smartwatches are connected to a mobile device is possible through IoT.

The application programming interface demands software that assists the IoT device into a mobile application. The logical connectors authorize the application to communicate with every manufacturer IoT devices.

Energy conservation through IoT mobile application

Energy conservation and proper utilization is an important topic nowadays because of the depletion of energy resources. Homes, school, organization are the places where the power resources are wasted tremendously. IoT integrated with mobile application assist in conserving the resources through an automatic switch on and off the resources with the presence of human knowledge.

Basic samples

  1. IoT smart technology could sense the emptiness of room and automatic switch off the lights, fans, AC or even the water pipes and tanks.
  2. Semi-automated room sensing element in the mobile app could control the temperature of AC by sensing the summation of body temperature every human in the room and automatically adjust the AC temperature is possible only through connecting to IoT.

IoT mobile application in online marketing and retail industry

The entrepreneur started to focus on online business and marketing to avoid unnecessary losses and efforts. Amazon go has launched a new kind of e-commerce store where it doesn’t need to check out. A customer can just grab and walk. There is no need for billing in the counter by standing in queue or line. This concept is made possible by Amazon go by monitoring the movement of the customer and things they grab. And when a customer leaves the floor charges are done automatically from the Amazon account. Techies are still improving this idea in applying for every business and sector.

One of the high street fashion brands has introduced technology to trail clothes without actually putting over the customer potentially. This is one of the remarkable revolutionary histories in IoT with a mobile application.

IoT apps in Medical and Hospitality

Here are a curated list of applicable area and apps in medical and hospitality industry.

Personal healthcare IoT application

People in this period are more conscious of health because of less human efforts. This gap is utilized by the best mobile app developers to bridge the relationship between the clients for the medical industry. Personal healthcare checkup could be done through the application in smartphones. The features such as Heartbeat counter, blood pressure, and cardiac phase and so on.

Apart from these work out apps such as PEAR personal Fitness coach, Map my fitness, workout trainer and so on. These apps since the body condition for work out through electric pulse through IoT and give the results in a digital screen.

Organizational healthcare IoT application

More prominent medical institution and Hospitals use IoT application to control the billing, records, and smart pills, smart beds, RTLS tagged healthcare equipment and trackable Id’s and so. Basically, the medical industry uses IoT apps to overcome Breach of security, multiple device integration and using big data for accurate results. This helps in healthcare for reducing operational cost, decreased error with data handling, better patient outcomes, and better patient treatment.

Data security through IoT

Using mobile apps needs various user information details like name, bank account details, mail id, contact number and so on. Apart from this many hackers develop fraudulent cloning apps to rip off personal information of users. IoT could aid in averting the data by giving security through the internet. Developers are keen on introducing a feature to strengthen the defence of the mobile app with the aid of IoT. Multiple entry points and Data encryption assures personal data to stay protected.

Change in mobile interaction with IoT

A touch screen is ruling every phase of the world from personal mobile to organizational devices. The future world would be a device with no touch screen. Development in IoT age and UX designs makes the device without a screen. Accessibility of the device is only by using signs and gestures which needs less effort and eases the users. Device with IoT apps helps in removing clutter and bugs in the existing feature.

Presently, voice commands are given to control over the devices. In the future, this would be changed by giving commands through the thoughts of my brain. Bots are employed with an interconnection of mobile controlled through a mind. This would be quiet challenging for app developers whereas; IoT assist in easing this process takes us to the next level.


Future of IoT mobile app development

Tremendous development in semi-automated and self-automated devices that connect the mobile app for every action of the user needs IoT connected with mobile devices. IoT analyses necessary user data to understand and monitor customer behaviour and to improve customer experience. Not only satisfying the customer, but IoT also integrated apps aids in developing business development. Many challenges and rumour decrease the possibilities of using IoT in the immediate environment.  Techies and app developers are striving hard to overcome the obstacles to give fully automated apps and devices to users.