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Is Lemon Good or Bad for Face?

fresh lemons

Lemons are superb. They are remarkable in our beverages, in our sustenance, and are a famous fixing in home consideration items because of their antibacterial and germ-free characteristics just as their invigorating citrus smells.

Lemon juice is one of the most established home solutions for helping spots, age spots, melasma, and for diminishing the presence of almost negligible differences and wrinkles.

Since it is high in Vitamin C, which is a cell reinforcement and citrus extract, it’s broadly viewed as useful for the skin.

Lemon juice contains a few properties that are apparently extraordinary for your skin, including alpha hydroxy corrosive. Click To Tweet

Alpha hydroxy corrosive can expel dull skin cells and produce new ones, functioning as a sort of exfoliant.

This corrosive is utilized in strips and skincare items. The nutrient C and citrus extract in lemons can likewise cooperate to help skin. But at the same time lemon juice can accomplish more damage than anything else.

Be that as it may, utilizing this straightforward yet powerful fixing could really exacerbate skin conditions!

Why lemon juice is bad?

Since it is very acidic (with a pH of 2!), it upsets the common pH of your corrosive mantle

–> Citric corrosive can make aggravation touchy skin, leaving you with rashes and redness, here and there with the probability of lasting skin harm too.

–> Citrus squeezes and oils can likewise cause photosensitivity since they turn harmful in the sun, causing tingling and bothering.

–> If you have skin break out, the corrosive responds with the skin inflammation and makes your pimples evaporate and drain, bringing about more prominent odds of skin inflammation scars.

–> The most exceedingly awful and most genuine symptom of lemon juice is a substance consume. Citrus oils can be phototoxic.

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When you go out in the sun, lemon juice can progressively aggravate your skin, possibly prompting a substance consume that may cause perpetual harm, also genuine torment.

Uses of Lemons: for Your Hair, Skin, Nails, and More

Lemons have a wide scope of magnificence benefits too. Here are the best excellence utilizes for lemons:

1. Moisturizer

moisturizerLemons have solid antibacterial properties, which makes them ideal for nixing breakout-causing microorganisms.

To DIY your very own adaptation, blend a couple of drops of coconut water with a couple of drops of lemon juice.

The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clear and light up it. Note: If you have delicate skin, complete a fix test on your skin first.

2. Elbow And Knee Lightener

elbow and knee lemonLemons are pressed with nutrient C, a characteristic lighting up fixing.

If your knees and elbows are dark then you can rub lemon to that area and see the difference.

3. Pimple Treatment

pimpleIt may sound unrealistic, yet lemons can likewise help treat your pimples.

This is on the grounds that they contain citrus extract, a characteristic type of alpha hydroxy corrosive (AHA).

In the wake of purging, rub a cut of lemon over your most clogged pore ridden spots to give the AHAs a chance to work their pore-clearing enchantment.

4. Teeth Whitener

white teethBlend heating soft drink and lemon squeeze, and apply it to your teeth with a spotless Q-tip.

At that point, utilize your toothbrush to clean your teeth and wash.

5. Skin Brightener

lemonLemons are wealthy in nutrient C and citrus extract, so they can help light up and help your skin when utilized after some time.

“Nutrient C is an extraordinary cancer prevention agent for killing free radicals and boosting collagen creation.

6. Lip Exfoliator

lip exfoliate lemonBlend a little lemon juice with some dark colored sugar to make your very own lip clean.

The lemon juice’s AHA will function as a substance exfoliator to release up dead skin cells while the sugar will fill in as a physical exfoliator to swamp them off.

7. Nail Strengthened

Make a blend of your preferred cooking oil (attempt olive oil) with lemon squeeze, and splash your nails.

This is a decent practice if your nails are dry and fragile, but on the other hand it’s an extraordinary method to help fix nails that have yellowed.

8. Cancer Prevention

Other advantages of Lemons for your skin is that they can go about as a cancer prevention agent, astringent, stimulant, hydrator, and furthermore help in battling dandruff and a dry, bothersome scalp.

9. Remove black heads

Component like nutrient C present in lemon is successful to take into account healthy skin.

Applying weakened lemon juice is an amazingly fabulous approach to evacuate every one of the clogged pores and whiteheads also.

10. Hydrate and clear skin

A hydrated skin is the initial step that gets recorded in healthy skin, and this is the thing that lemon does. Utilization of lemon keeps skin hydrated and sound.

The properties lemon contains:-

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Alpha hydroxy acid
  3. Potassium
  4. Calcium
  5. Phosphorus
  6. Magnesium
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