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Toilet Problem while Travelling with Your Baby


You are getting ready for the next trip, packed all the kits and tools. You love to travel with your family. It’s cool but you discovered suddenly that your baby getting troubled to use toilet! He/she is feeling uneasy and getting nervous to use it! Obviously it’s a problem and unhygienic for your beloved kids. Some parents like to use diaper. But you also need to change diaper after a set time. And diaper is always not good for health. The skin of you baby would not always suitable to the diaper. So, what the solution?


According to American Preventive Medicine Society, kids get infected by contagious diseases by using public toilet. Most of the time the size of the commode are also unsuitable for kid. That’s why they don’t express their call for nature to their parents. A survey by the team found that the parents keep portable toilet for kids stated that 80% of them remain safe in travelling.


Why do you need a travel potty for your baby?

Travel porta potty or potty seat is one of the most essential tools for a hassle free and healthy journey for you and your baby. The benefits of having a porta potty are multiple. It will help you from various perspectives and reduce parental stress during travelling.


Types of Travel Potty Seat for kids

Travel potty is not so much different from usual baby potty. You have two options or categories:

  • Potty seat
  • Porta potty

Potty Seat: Potty seats for toddlers look like a smaller version of the toilet seat that you find on an adult toilet but it can be set externally so that it suits best shape for toddlers. These small seats fit just over the adult toilet seat and reduce the circumference of the toilet seat area. These seats prevent the child from slipping into the toilet and help the toddler feel confident on an adult toilet. Potty seats could contain integrated features like splash guards and grab handles. There are various types of potty seats that can be both usable for temporary and permanently. The great advantages of potty seat are that it can be packed easily in travel bag, can set in public restroom, can fold easily and it can be usable for the babies habituated in porta potty or not. The disadvantage is that you have to wait till you reach the toilet. It’s low efficient in emergency situation.

Porta Potty:  the porta potty or potty chair is the portable toilet for baby that can move everywhere easily. It’s the miniature version of adult portable toilet. You will need to dump the contents to the regular basin or toilet when your baby finishes the business. There are various kinds of porta potty for toddlers to use in travelling as well as at home- the regular version, multiple versions, musical version, 3 in one version etc. The modern version includes both potty chair and potty seat simultaneously. If you are confused to but which one, you can pick the multiple versions. The great advantage of the porta potty is that it can move easily and you don’t need to think about even though you are on the long journey or plan journey. It is also safe tool that can be preventive from any germs from public toilet.


How to choose a potty for kids?

Buying a potty for your baby is easy but you need to consider some things. In this part we are going to discuss it so that you can buy the Best Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers:

Design: first of all you need to select the design of the potty. Keep in mind that which designs your baby likes. Does he/she like musical, colorful, dolly or any other kinds of designs? Most of the baby likes colorful, dolly and musical potty. It creates a playing mode for the baby.

Facilities: secondly, you can check the facilities of the potty. What facilities the potty prevails, is it multiple, two-in-one or any other facilities. If you like to buy a potty both for using in home and travelling, you can take the potty having both chair and seat. For the seat, some of the potty seat has additional stair for climbing the commode. You can consider the facilities you need.

Size: size is also an important pre-condition we forget. You know best what size your baby needs. According to your requirement, order the best one. And inform the seller that you may need to change if the size doesn’t match.