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An Introduction to the Practice of Law

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Ever since man was inducted into civilization and made to see the wide and varied range of wonders one can avail from civilization, the law has been one of the most important parts of the process of staying in a civilized, and has essentially become part and parcel of the process of calling oneself a civilized person.

Navigating the twisted maze of the law and still remaining victorious at the end is one of the hardest things to do, and is the reason why the job of being a lawyer still exists. As we see the constitution or other sort of rule book of any country, the laws are meant to protect both sides of the courtroom, and that one must have a way with words in order to be one of the most successful and reputed lawyers there are.

Qualifications needed

Being a lawyer is not easy at all. One must be really educated from one’s heart, as being a lawyer is not something one can just do with half hearted intent or knowledge. Studying to become a lawyer has also been called one of the most difficult things there are, as the bar exam is known all over the world as one of the most serious exams on earth and being quite hard.

Only after passing the bar exam can somebody be called an actual and practicing lawyer, as the bar exam grants the title of lawyer to anybody who manages to crack it. There are various places where one can give the bar exam, including most major cities on earth.

Responsibilities of being a lawyer

Passing the bar exam is not the end of troubles when trying to become a practicing lawyer. Actual lawyers who act as either prosecutors or defendant for a certain party participating in a courtroom dispute, hold a host of different responsibilities on their shoulders, as they must make sure that every inch of the case that they present is flawless and has been double checked. Mundane things like making sure there is no threat at all to the life and health of their employees is also one of their responsibilities.

The courtroom is by far one of the most formal places in the whole world.  Even the slightest mistake can result in both the party and the lawyer being thrown in jail for being in contempt of the court. One must know and learn all the proper formalities that are present in a courtroom, and learn the moral boundaries of each case.

Immense responsibilities of lawyers often cause them to become overtime lawyers, men who actually work overtime for no extra pay as they pursue the very highest level of excellence at their profession. Not just anybody has the commitment to work overtime, as one of the most important requirements for working overtime is the willingness to commit all of oneself, including mind, body and soul, to the pursuit of sheer excellence. A lawyer must take no rest, and not be able to rest peacefully if their clients’ cases not been resolved or is in doubt of being resolved anytime soon.

Effects of being a lawyer

Being a lawyer has many more life altering effects than one would normally imagine. Since the job is one of the most requiring jobs in the whole world, more often than not most people find themselves bitter frustrated at the shortness of time on their hands as some think that they do not get enough of leisure time and other still think there is not enough time to pursue their work. There are lawyers of all shapes and sizes people, who come in a lot of different varieties than one would normally think, as while some specialize in the offensive art of the prosecution, others dig and consolidate their position in the skilled art of defence.