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Liability in Slip and Fall Accident

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Premises liability refers to a person who is responsible for happening of accident and injury suffered by people. This person is actually an owner of the place, building or something else.

Slip and fall accident happens at a variety of places such as restaurants, bargain store, offices, warehouses, apartments and all of them are clear examples of these accidents.

Actually, whenever you become a victim of slip and fall accident, you have right to file a claim against a negligent party.  

However, here are some key issues which we need to consider while filing a claim and finding liability of owner.

The key issues are whether the owner of the place is already taken appropriate steps to decrease accident ratio. Whether the owner took responsible steps and displayed a warning sign if there is any issue related to the accident.

Every personal injury case is different from the previous one as situation, place or injury is different. So, every case needs to be reviewed clearly to find liability.

The first key issue to show that the owner is responsible for the accident is whether he displayed a notice or not? For instance, if you become a victim of slip and fall accident at the departmental store due to a liquid where the owner’s employee has recently mopped the place. It is the responsibility of the employee to display a warning sign as the condition is created by that employee.

This shows that the owner is responsible for the accident and need to pay for your expenses.

If a sign of danger is placed at the area, and you still fall in trip and slip, this might be your mistake that you didn’t notice the caution sign. If the mistake is yours, you will not get a single penny from the owner.

There is also some situation when slip and fall accident liability occurs to the employer.

For instance, if the condition of the building requires inspection or need to maintain them to remove dangers.

If an employer knows the danger of place and doesn’t work to make it clear. In such a scenario, the employer is responsible for an accident that happens to people such as slip and fall accident.

How to Claim Compensation

If you ever fall into this condition, you first need to capture the pictures of the incident area. Even, if you are injured severely, or you may seek the help of someone.

You may also seek the help of eyewitness; this will also help you to win the claim. You need to do this because the liable party can remove the essential proofs, to claim you guilty.

You can also call the police to cover the incident place. In some conditions, if you don’t call the police, you may lose the chance to win the compensation.

As you are injured, you need to seek medical attention. If you delay the treatment, there are many chances of getting your injury worse.

After the proper treatment of injury, you are now able to file a claim against the responsible person.  As mentioned above, every case is different from the previous ones.

So, it is better to get reviewed your case from experienced personal injury solicitors. Personal Injury Solicitors Burnley is the one who knows the value of your case according to rules and regulation of the state. Many of them provide free consultation towards your case and guide you best according to your situation.

You also need to know that there is a time limit according to the situation.

However, in general cases, you can file a compensation claim within the three years after getting the injured.

The amount of compensation claim also depends on the severity of the injury, damage to the body parts, and the impact on your life.

To win a handsome amount, you need to claim compensation as soon as possible. It ensures the availability of proofs and medical reports.

The amount of compensation claim also depends on the occupation and age of the victim. If you are young, you will get more compensation as compared to the old one, and if you have a significant impact on your professional and physical life, you will get compensation according to the damage.