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Gurukul System of Education v/s Modern Education System

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In ancient times, India had the Gurukula arrangement of training in which any individual who wished to study went to the Guru’s house and mentioned to be educated.

Whenever acknowledged as an understudy by the master, he would then remain at the master’s place and help in all exercises at home.

What is a Gurukul Education System?

gurukul education systemGurukul system was not just made a solid tie between the master and the student, yet additionally showed the student to do household work. The master educated everything the kid needed to learn, from Sanskrit to the holy scriptures and from Mathematics to Metaphysics.

The student remained as long as he wished or until the master felt that he had educated all that he could instruct. All learning was firmly connected to nature and to life, and not limited to remembering some data.

The students were dealt with similarly independent of their social benchmarks.

Advantages of Gurukul System of Education

Toward the finish of one’s training, a Shishya offers the master Dakshina before leaving the Gurukula.

The gurudakshina is a conventional motion of affirmation, regard, and gratitude to the master, which might be financial, but may also be a special task the master wants the student to accomplish.

Introduction to Modern Education System

modern classThe Modern educational system was conveyed to India, including the English language.

The educational modules were kept to “current” subjects, for example, science and arithmetic, and subjects like power and rationality were viewed as pointless.

Teaching was kept to study halls and the connection with nature was broken, as additionally the cozy connection between the educator and the student.

The Modern training framework has instructors keeping severe timetables of educating with a specific measure of schedule to be finished inside a stipulated time. The issue with this framework is that they make imitations of a similar model a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

The understudies don’t build up their capacity to think inventively or ‘out of the crate’. They simply turned out to be human robots fit for retaining things and repeating them on paper just to score marks.

Difference – Gurukul System of Education vs Modern Education

On the off chance that we think about both the education systems, both have their own place and significance. A few people say that the Gurukula framework was very better, why on the grounds that, In that framework they show Vedic training which implies Veda Purana like with good, but now we are running behind of development innovation and we overlooked our way of life, moral, more than we don’t have room schedule-wise to take care our folks.

Current Education comes up short on the part of teaching understudies with learning however to create “Ethics”. It was in the days of yore when the antiquated Gurukula was the main wellspring of training.

Throughout the years, things have changed definitely. The rise of innovation has made adapting a lot simpler. In the antiquated occasions, there was an excessive number of confinements on understudies due to which they couldn’t generally investigate themselves, yet in the cutting edge age, understudies have achieved their achievement, they have the freedom and opportunity to do what they adore.

Do We Need a Gurukul System back in India?

We can’t close by expressing which education system is better in light of the fact that both the sorts have their very own significance. Them two in certain angles are like one another and in the meantime not the same as one another.

The modern education system is acquired from the ancient one only. However, because of modern education, traditional education is being ignored which will bring about losing our way of life somehow or another.

Traditional education and modern education ought to be given equivalent significance. Do let me know your views on the same in the comments below!

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