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High Spirited Punjabi Culture – Traditions and Heritage of Punjab


Exceptional, vivid and extravagant, these are the cultural qualities of the heartland of India, Punjab. Well known and recognized over the globe, the way of life of Punjab is to be sure overpowering.

It makes your day and mitigates your faculties. The scrumptious Punjabi nourishment conciliates your taste buds more than ever. Brilliant extravagant garments and Bhangra draw in you don’t care for anything else. The magnificence of Punjab is as mysterious as it progresses toward becoming.

When you visit Punjab, you can encounter affable and inspiring vibes.

Punjabis are known to be extremely helpful, welcoming and proud people. Click To Tweet

They welcome everybody with open hearts.

They commend their celebrations with incredible enthusiasm and pizzazz, with extraordinary nourishment, music, moves and party.

People of Punjab

Punjabis are primarily partitioned into two networks: Khatris and Jats. They’ve been engaged with agribusiness for quite a while now.

However at this point, exchange and trade have additionally opened up in the state. A huge populace still pursues the joint family framework which has now ended up being one of a kind.

The sentiment of fellowship can be effectively felt here as they guarantee to be with one another in snapshots of pity and joy.

Punjabis are specific about their conventions and relations. Each celebration or service has predefined customs which are carefully pursued.

May it be birth or wedding, haircutting or a burial service, the adherence to ceremonies is an absolute necessity which as indicated by them fortifies a connection and showcases a proper social cordiality.

Food in Punjabi Culture

punjabi foodOne of the most loved cooking styles of Indians and different networks outside, Punjabi food is wealthy in flavors and flavors.

With flooding ghee on the chapattis, the sustenance here is considered for the solid hearted! Lassi is the invigorating beverage here and is otherwise called the appreciated beverage. It’s an extremely overwhelming portion of milk, particularly for those are not from Northern India.

Makke di Roti (maize bread) and Sarson da Saag (mustard leaf curry) is another conventional dish of Punjab.

There are numerous different nourishments like Chole Bhathure, Rajma Chawal and Paneer Naan; however one of the humongous top choices is Tandoori Chicken!

Dresses in Punjabi Culture

salwar kamizThe customary dresses of Punjab are exceptionally vivid, special and dynamic. Ladies wear Salwarkameez (Salwar is the base wear and kameez upper).

These garments are unpredictably planned and flawlessly weaved at homes in multi hues. Men wear a Turban with incredible pride. At first, Hindus and Muslims additionally used to wear turbans, however at this point Sikhs can be just observed wearing them.

Kurta is worn on the chest area, and Tehmat which are the loose and expanded Pajamas are worn on the lower divide. Footwear favored is Jooti which has been the conventional footwear worn by people for a long time.

Traditional Dance and Festivals of Punjab

There are numerous traditional music and moves which are gigantically prevalent in Punjab and the remainder of the nation.

bhangraOne of them is Bhangra which has likewise turned out to be enormously well known in the west. This Dance structure started numerous years prior when Punjabi ranchers used to perform to respect the collect season.

Giddha and Sammi, Luddhi and Dhamal are some other well-known moves in the district. Punjabi music has turned out to be well known in Bollywood as well. Punjabis are known for their celebration and music frames a basic piece of it.

These move structures are for the most part performed in Baisakhi Festival. The exhibitions, particularly including men, are given on the thumps of drum and music. Individuals wear Kurta and Tehmat with Turban on their head and a hanky close by during the exhibitions.

Language Spoken

The official language of the state is Punjabi, which is additionally the nearby language utilized for correspondence.

Despite the fact that there is just a single neighbourhood language, there are numerous vernaculars utilized different area to locale.

A portion of the neighbourhood vernaculars are Doabi, Ghebi, Malwai, Pahari, Shahpuri, Rachnavi, Hindko, and so forth.


There are numerous religions which exist in Punjab. Be that as it may, the significant populace involves Hindus and Sikhs. The Sikh populace is especially high in the state attributable to the inception of Sikhism. There are numerous Sikh religious focuses in Punjab, not to overlook the most acclaimed Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Wedding Customs in Punjab

punjabi weddingThe pre-wedding ceremonies begin with the Roka, which is an informal commitment meaning the acknowledgment of the relationship by the two families.

At that point comes Chunni Chadhai pursued by Mangni/Sagai which is the official commitment with the couple exchanging the wedding rings.

Two or three days before the wedding, Mehendi artists are brought in on the event of Mehendi to make beautiful and attractive designs on the hands of the lady of the hour joined by all the female loved ones.

Normally on a similar night is the melodic night known as Sangeet which is practically equivalent to a single woman party.

After the happy and upbeat night of Sangeet, some conventional customs are gotten under way beginning with Kangna Bandhna, Followed by Choodha Chadhana and Kalide which happen in the Bride’s home.

Haldi and Ghara Ghardoli are two ceremonies that happen for both, Bride and Groom when they are secured with a thick paste of turmeric and sandalwood blended with rosewater and mustard oil. The bride and the groom visit their closest temples and are washed with heavenly water and begin preparing for the principle part of the wedding.

Sehrabandi and GhodiChadna close the pre-wedding customs.

The primary wedding capacity begins with the Agwani and Milni which is a custom to respect the groom and his gathering to the place of the wedding. Pursued by the welcome is the Varmala or the trading of the laurels between the lady of the hour and the husband to be.

The Groom is then offered a bowl of water and a bowl of a sweet beverage called Madhuperk. The custom of Kanyadaan is satisfied by the dad of the Bride and requests that the Groom take great consideration of her.

After the Heart contacting custom of Kanyadaan is Mangal Phere where the couple circle the sacrosanct flame seven times and the couple is announced Married.

The big day closes with a conciliatory custom offering rice pieces to the holy flame thrice called Lajhom pursued by Sindhoor Daan which is the custom of the man of the hour to bless the lady of the hour’s brow and the hair parcel with Sindhoor.

Post wedding games are the fun piece of each wedding where the families and companion from the two sides partake effectively. After the celebration and games are the most heart contacting minutes for the celebrations when the lady needs to express bye to her folks and tears moving down the cheeks is a typical situation in these minutes.

The lady of the hour is invited to the man of the hour’s home and the last custom called the “Muh Dikhai” marks a conclusion to the functions and the beginning of their happy life together.

Punjabis are high- spirited and liberal individuals. Living in the core of India, they are delicate natured individuals who praise each occasion and celebration with most extreme get-up-and-go. They are exuberant and dynamic with an energetic history and culture. What’s more, to less astonishment, Punjabis are cherished everywhere throughout the world.

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