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Top Reasons Why Instagram Is the No. 1 Choice in Social Media for Brands


With more than 3.5 billion users, social media, comprising innumerable platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more, is considered by many as a separate universe altogether. It is, however, Instagram with more than 1 billion monthly active users has caught the fancy of brands that have made a beeline to establish their presence on this most-happening social networking platform.

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With 80% of all Instagram users following at least one business account, Instagram is now the happy hunting grounds for over 2 million advertisers every month. A quick look at some of the main reasons for the popularity of Instagram with top brands:

Ability to Access Mobile App Users

As is clearly evident, the entire world seems to be switching over to mobile devices to access the Internet. Already, it has been reported the volume of internet traffic coming from mobile devices has overtaken that from traditional desktops. With eMarketer reporting that users were spending close to 85% of their time using mobile apps, there is no better opportunity for brands wanting to engage with the smartphone generation. With the number of users on Instagram booming, it is small wonder that it is the platform where all online marketers want to be most visible.

Increasing the Reach of the Brand

After touching the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users in 2018, according to projections by experts, the Instagram juggernaut is only expected to gather more momentum and quickly get to where Facebook is. According to statistics, Instagram already had 25 million business accounts and reportedly more than 70% of American businesses are already using Instagram. For brands wanting to increase reach, Instagram offers the perfect environment as 80% of its users reside outside the US. The advertisers on Facebook, in comparison, are having a tougher time reaching out to their target audiences after the changes implemented in the newsfeed. With Instagram having far fewer advertisers than Facebook, it is easier for brands to succeed in making an impact.

More Engagement – Better Conversions

With Instagram outstripping Facebook with a 70% higher rate of engagement and a humongous 669% higher than Twitter, it does not require rocket science to figure out why brands are scrambling to get on to Instagram and engage with its rapidly growing user base. Instagram users averagely share more than 95 million photos and videos, which generate in excess of 4.2 billion likes daily. Brands seeking to elevate the number of likes can consider using the services of agencies like Stormlikes.com.  A 2015 Forrester study of social media engagement with the top 50 global brands concluded that Instagram outstripped every other platform in user interaction. With an average order value of $65 from referral traffic, Instagram outscores Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn despite only having a clickable link only in the bio section till recently.


It is clearly evident that in the all performance parameters vital to marketers; reach, engagement, and conversion, Instagram emerges as the clear winner of the pack of social media. It, therefore, is no surprise to find brands making Instagram their clear preference over the rest.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional. He has written a number of reports on the increasing tendency of businesses to use marketing agencies like Stormlikes.com to boost their Instagram likes.