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Consciousness psychology and life

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The ancient and most modern mystery of mankind is consciousness. The scientists and philosophers have been working, thinking and researching on it since the evolution of mankind but the more they search the less they know about consciousness. However, there is a lot that they have learned about consciousness and have spread their knowledge about it in the world. Here we will try to explain how much we have learned about the biggest mystery of the world, our consciousness and its effect on our soul.

What is consciousness psychology?

Consciousness is the flame that keeps our soul alive. Just like the fame of lamp awakes from the wick and suddenly enlightens the whole room, our consciousness comes from our soul and elites our mind in something so illuminating that cannot be compared or explained through logics of the world.

Our consciousness is beyond logical reasons and it is something that can only be felt. No one can explain his consciousness and the solutions given by it to resolve the conflicts of life. Scientists are unable to match up with the intellectual level of philosophers who know more about consciousness. The philosophy of consciousness takes it beyond five senses and makes it the sixth sense that is our guiding soul in every situation. The conscious mind is the result of our exposure, experience and preoccupied thoughts that go beyond our physical and mental limits. Here we will try to analyze salient features of consciousness that have been analyzed by the experts who have given their time and life in exploring the unexplored.

Salient features of consciousness

The nature of consciousness is so complex that it is difficult to define it in words. However, we have tried to compile some characteristics defined by the distinguished personalities on basis of their thoughts and personal experiences in life.

  • Our consciousness is the only thing that stays with us for our life. we live with the consciousness from our birth till death and there is no meaning or existence of human-like without consciousness.
  • Consciousness is developed with our age, knowledge, and The more we try to nurture our soul the better and stronger consciousness we have.

  • Like our soul consciousness is also an undivided part of our life. We cannot transfer or transplant consciousness in someone else, it will remain intact with us. However, we can teach some basics of life to others developed by our consciousness by giving conscious

  • Consciousness helps us in getting aware of the external world and the threats related to people have experienced the warning situation when their consciousness have made them aware of coming situation or threats and they saved themselves by believing in it.

  • There are several states of consciousness like drowsiness, sleep, active consciousness but together they all are part of the personality that we have and helps the person in keeping his soul intact.

Our consciousness is an integral part of our soul and it helps a person in developing his personality. We are something because of our consciousness and the meaning of life ends without it. Human mind and soul are the biggest mystery of the world and consciousness is an integral part of it.