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How to Increase the Productivity of Your Employees

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Growth of any company is directly proportional to employee’s productivity, which depends on employee satisfaction and growth. A company with higher level of employee satisfaction will always have an edge over the companies with lower satisfaction level.

If an employee will be satisfied, he will always be motivated towards work and give his hundred percent productivity which will automatically increase firm’s productivity. Along with satisfaction, the individual growth also plays an important role.

An employer will never want to lose his performing assets, which is possible only, if employee can see his future growth, otherwise he will leave in search of a new opportunity to grow.

To manage performance, satisfaction and growth of an employee is not a simple task, that’s why every company needs a support tool, a good employee performance tracking software. Other than the tool, let’s have a look at the major scenarios affecting productivity of employees.

Streamline the processes

The most important for employee satisfaction is streamlining the process, so that it can increase employee engagement and optimize the result. If workflow is not proper, employee will feel lost and the burden of over working will make him burst out and leave the company because of the low satisfaction level it creates.

To streamline the process lots of employee performance tracking software are available in market, which are very helpful. They will not only streamline the process but also help in tracking, recognizing and rewarding the performance of employee.

Organized process is a key for stress-free working environment. A person’s performance automatically increases while working in a stress-free circumstance, a peaceful mind can focus more on work.

Keep Training

Training is a key to development for both employee as well as organization. Till an employee is not trained for his role and goal, he won’t be able to focus on the work he is supposed to do and if he is not aware of the company’s expectation, he can’t work towards its achievement.

Also, there are regular upgradation in everything an employee does, technology is growing fast so is the working culture and tools. To keep an employee updated training is a must. If you have introduced a new software or any new procedure, then it becomes mandatory to provide appropriate training. A trained and comfortable employee will definitely work better and efficient.

Enabled them with the Right equipment

The right equipment is important to perform on a right direction, while saving time. There is nothing more counter productive then wasting time on any work because you don’t have proper tools, such as spending time waiting for paperwork to print because you don’t have a fast printing device.

High quality, fast and updated equipment makes a huge difference not only to the workforce but also to how your company’s reputation is judged.

Automation supports a lot, if any manual tasks can be automated using office equipment, it makes sense to do. It will free up manpower to work on productive tasks. But when you are selecting equipment, keep in mind that it is functional, easy to use and comes under the budget.

Set Realistic Goals and Working Hours

A common problem that drastically affects productivity, managers with no clear sense of their employee’s performance and needs. If you will not take care of your team, they will not perform or leave the organization hampering growth and productivity.

You should set a realistic goal and working hours. Clearly communicate what the company expect from them and discuss the goals.

Provide a direction, clarify all doubts, don’t expect beyond their limits and do share the growth path. Don’t ask them to stretch too often, it will adversely affect the performance as well as decrease satisfaction level.

Small perks with incentives will go a long way

Incentives are good way to appreciate and motivate an employee. After all everyone works for money and love financial incentives and raises, but few extra incentives or perks can motivate an employee more to achieve the target/ goal set for the team.

As studies show, four out of five employees say that the perks are more motivating than financial rewards, it makes them feel excited and if an employee is excited for his work, it will increase his focus, which will increase performance and productivity.

Big giants in market offer perks such as complementary haircuts, massage rooms, dinner, shopping cards etc. Also, the small businesses now started giving perks such as free coffee, biscuits, or free lunch at the workplace. There are million different ideas to make an employee feel recognized and appreciated based on your company’s budget and culture. The only thing is the more you will keep your employee happy, more he will perform.

Work-life balance is a mandate

Every company works on different standards, so for every company “work-life balance” varies and defining those strategies will take some work. After an age, every employee start seeking a job that offers greater work-life balance and better personal well-being.

Your employee has a life outside the office, so offering flexible work schedules and vacation policies will make them feel that you value them and their needs. If you will not work towards creating a balanced working culture, employee will leave the in search of a better organization and you may lose an asset.

Ensure Employee Happiness

Ultimately, it’s the happiness that defines everything, either its personal or professional life.

A stressful workplace will never yield positive results. Employee who work under stressful conditions are more likely to make mistakes while affecting the productivity and increased level of detachment and absenteeism. Showing them, the company cares will ensure the satisfaction and productivity.

Don’t compare / stop partiality

All employees are important, and nothing can be worse for any organization than seeing them with different eyes, stop partiality and comparing. All are different with different qualities, appreciate the difference.

Productivity not only depends on finding a good resource in a pvt ltd company, but it starts once you have found it. Finding a good resource is easy but maintaining and making him productive depends on various factors such as; right tools, appreciations, rewards, satisfaction, work-life balance and a stress-free friendly working culture.