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6 Incredible Ways to Faceoff Your Fears

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The easiest thing to do is to sit back and hope that the fears and anxiety will go away automatically. However, that rarely happens. Until and unless you face your fear, they won’t go away. You need to face your fears before they start controlling your life. Everyone is afraid of something or another thing. This is nothing new, taking charge of this is, however, is a different thing altogether. The only difference is that if you take initiatives to face and try to overcome your fears, you will be eventually successful. The people you admire had done nothing new except that they took the steps in order to get rid of their fears. The place you want to be can only be successfully achieved when you have the guts to have a face to face meeting with your fears. Fears are capable of gripping your mind, soul, spirit, and body if won’t start controlling it. Fears can start a war between you and your dreams.

You should know what needs to be done. To ensure that your dreams do not get shattered because of your fears, face that nightmare and figure out how you can diffuse those fears. Once they shrink, they will no longer be an enemy for you. The people who have extreme fears are afraid to get out their shell or comfort zone. One-fourth of the population from the youth generation is suffering from any phobia. The adult population has been taken over by fears and phobias. If some things are making your knees weak or you are terrified because of anything that is your fear germs. But believe in yourself that you are capable of conquering these fears by your own or with professional help. Let’s figure out how can you overcome face and overcome your fears.

How to Face Your Fears Before Conquering Them

#1. First Of All, Know That It Is Natural And You Are Not Alone

The most important thing is to realize that you are not alone who has fears and anxieties. There are millions of people who have severe fears which are restricting them to do whatever they wish to. People are afraid of the similar things or maybe the condition they have is even worse than yours. Feeling embarrassed will not help you here to overcome them or even to face your fears. Acknowledge that your fears are normal and it is very natural to have such fears. It is an usual human emotion and you need to realize that in order to achieve the goal.

#2. Pen Down Your Fears

In order to overcome your terrors, you need to sit down and think what makes you afraid the most. Think keenly and pen down whatever you feel. When you will start writing your fears down, you will somewhere face them and know them. Where do they come from and why they scare you this much, there should a reason to the problem in order to solve them. It is a good idea to start a fear journal if they are troubling you to that extent. Writing down your fears will provide an objective vision to fight your fears and it will seem more logical.

#3. Abandon The Irrational Fears Right Now

In many situations of life, you feel fear at a level, but some situations are extremely severe. There are some situations which work healthy for you at the end. However, some fears take a change of your body and mind. You need to differentiate between the irrational and rational fears. Some fears go with time and some do not till the time you take a step against them. This hostile world takes a lot to live in. in order to live a healthy life, you need to know your fears and face them. Some fears are perfectly normal as they do not affect your life and personality at a deeper level.

#4. Choose The Fears You Want To Face

Create a fear ladder to consider which are the fears you want to face first. Break that ladder into steps which you need to take to get rid of your fears. Each step will help you kick down one aspect of your fears. On the top of the ladder try the least dangerous thing that you fear. Choose the actions and the manner you are going to face them. For example, you are scared of water, then try to get into the pool first to start being comfortable in the water. You can slowly lead to the higher challenges so that you can gradually get over of the fear of water.

#5. Control Your Brain And Face You Thinking

Surely your brain is wrapped around fears and you need to get them out of your mind. Control your brain to get sacred from those fears. Break the steps into pieces and then try them one by one. Face your thinking when you try to know where is it coming from. Remember one thing that fears are an emotion created by the brain, so by controlling your brain, you can reduce its effect on your mind. Change your internal dialogue in order to change your mindset regarding fears. Moreover, do not jump into the worst case scenario in the most initial stage and try to go slow so that your brain can be comfortable with your fears.

#6. Seek Professional Help, If Required

If you can not control your brain and fear yourself, then you should seek the help of someone who is professional in this field. If the fears are making you anxious and distress in your day to day life then you should take the help of the mental health professional who can take you out from that zone. Some people have social phobia, some have a physical phobia that can make your daily routine life devastating and terrible. The professionals can help you to figure out the reasons and they can also provide you the solutions of those fears by walking through with you in your fears.

Try And Overcome Your Fears Once You Know Them

#1. Know That Fears Are Learned, Not Inherited

Once you know your fears and faced them, you also realize the fact that fears are human emotions which has its roots in the mind. Almost all the fears that humans face are learned through the mind. Fears are never there when we are young or when we born. Instead, we gradually develop these fears which make phobias when we come to the adult age. We learn to be afraid of certain things which we had the bad experience with. Also, humans have the nature to adopt the social fears which are not present initially in them. We are afraid to realize that this is something that we learned throughout life and not have it in our body since birth.

#2. Visualize Success Before Achieving To Gain Confidence

In order to raise your confidence, visualize your successful moments. You will automatically lack fear when you will know that you can eventually achieve it. Think about the good times to feel good is the trick to successfully achieve what you desire Practice continuously to overcome your fears but before that try and think about the good moments.#3. Relax Your Mind And Body

#3. Relax Your Mind And Body

Practise relaxing your mind and body in order to get rid of the anxiety from your mind and body. Lie down in a quiet and comfortable place to ensure your mind is stable and not feeling anxious. You will feel your nerves getting relaxed in some seconds and then think about your fears with the free mind. It will not only make you realize the reasons but also provide you the solutions.

#4. Expose Yourself Completely In Front Of Your Fears

Start from the very bottom and then climb up to slowly encounter your fears. Start from the least scary step and them intensify it to expose yourself completely in front of your fears. You do not to do this in front of people if you are not comfortable. Start alone and then when you gather confidence, you can do challenges with your friends or family. Plan your step in advance so that you do not hesitate after the first step. People usually leave the process in midway but you got to finish it till the end so that the fear can never control you in the future.

#5. Fake It Until You Make it

The most reasonable advise till the till you do not completely conquer your fears is that you need to fake it until you actually make it overcome them. The process can go on but it is not necessary that the people need to know about that. You can fake that you are fearless until the time you do not actually achieve it. You will be very surprised to know that this way you can actually trick your mind as well to try to face your fears.


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