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Starting 2019 by Sponsoring a Child in India


Lok Kalyan Samiti is a New Delhi based NGO, and the founder of this NGO is late Shri Kalyan Singh Gupta. It came into existence in 1952. That time lakhs of refugees were starving and suffering because of the partition of India.

Then 12 people started working for these homeless refugees. They contributed Rs. 12 each and arranged medicines, health checkups, etc., for them. Later on, these dedicated and selfless social workers founded Lok Kalyan Samiti, and the general secretary of this foundation was Shri Kalyan Singh Gupta.

Many national leaders and social workers started associating with this great foundation.

Since its invention, it has done many welfare activities. They contributed significantly to education and health care.

Many property-ridden people could get rid of illness and different Health Care problems because of getting free medical check-ups.

The camps of cataract removal surgery and sponsor a child program received the attention of many generous people.

You can also change the life of a child by sponsoring his or her education with Lok Kalyan Samiti. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

How can you change a child’s life?

In the year 1975, they started their journey by relocating two lakhs slum people. They also decided to give them education, healthcare, and sanitation to make their life better. The volunteers of Lok Kalyan Samiti walked through many waterlogged and dirty lanes and met from drunkards to gamblers or even drug addicts. They had to face various horrifying experience, but still, they knocked on the door of every household.

After that Shri Romesh Bhandari, the LG of Delhi gave them a plot impressed by their activities. Now in NandNagri, they offer free tuition for those poverty-ridden school going children.

You can also contribute by sponsoring a child’s education. You can either participate by giving Rs. 5000 a year or you can directly donate Rs. 55000 under which a child can get his or her education from nursery to class X.

You can also track how this foundation uses your hard earned money to transform a child’s life. Only education can kill poverty, and it can give them healthcare and other opportunities to show their talent in front of the world. So you will help not only a child but also the backbone of India, our youngsters.

Now let’s take out the step by step process to sponsor a child with Lok Kalyan Samiti.

The step by step process

  • At first, visit www.lokkalyansamiti.in
  • Then you have to go to the donation page which is https://www.lokkalyansamiti.in/donations/
  • Then select your budget and a sponsorship program. You can either pay Rs. 5000 each year or you can directly contribute Rs. 55000 to sponsor a child’s whole education, from Balwadi to class X.
  • Next, you have to choose the purpose of your sponsorship.
  • Then you have to donate your amount. You can directly transfer the money to the bank account. If you are from outside India, you can do the same. Cheques and demand drafts are equally acceptable.
  • Under this program, a child can get free books, shoes and other items for school along with free health checkup and different other benefits.

Only education can combat poverty. So, if you want to sponsor a child don’t hesitate to visit this page for more information.