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The 10 SEO Basics That You Need To Master


The world today is full of cut-throat competition, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is a part of the success race. The ultimate motive of every business entity is to bring great deal of profits in their share of operations. Companies today put a lot of effort into promoting their products and services offering through various channels of marketing and advertising.

Advertising a company or its product through traditional methods of TV and Radio advertisement involves a huge amount of monetary element. It also has the disadvantage of not reaching every customer, thanks to the busy schedule of people that watching tv or listening radio are just out of the scenario. Provided such factors how can a company grow its profit ratio? The most successful answer to this significant question is SEO in digital marketing.

Earlier the corporate world used the only route of tv, radio and newspaper advertisement to enhance their product awareness among the people. With the evolution of time and Digital Marketing reaching heights, SEO company in India has started to flourish as the demand for marketing through digital channels has increased.

What is SEO?

SEO is the most effective tool of digital marketing and can deliver wonders if done in the right manner by some experienced hands. The corporate world has gone all gaga with the amazing results delivery of SEO, as an aftereffect of the same, the ratio of business entities outsourcing SEO company in India has witnessed a huge raise.

It is a tool by the means of which the organic traffic on a company’s website can be increased along with enhancing its ranking on the search engine result pages as well. The results are the outcome of multiple efforts that an SEO expert puts to bring the desired results.

Either you are performing the SEO yourself or have hired any third party to do it for you, here are some basics of an SEO tool that one needs to master before the actual implementation of skills-

  • Keyword Research

Are you aware of what the customer is looking for? What are the most frequent searches made by the people? Finding answers to all these questions will solve a lot of problems and define a clear goal for SEO needs.

Try to understand the customer demographics, the most hyped- demand of the hour and then provide them with the same content. A well- researched plan will deliver much huge excellence than performing the SEO on random selections. The more popular and effective your keyword is, the more organic traffic would approach your website and boost the ranking of your company as well.

  • Competitor Research

Every business has its own competitors, and nothing hurts more than seeing your competitor reaching heights of success while you are still at the struggling mode. What is the factor missing in your SEO model? Why your business hasn’t reached the same heights as the other party has?

Do a thorough research of all the success driving factor of your competitor’s website. Look at their content quality, their use of keywords and external factors that have made them achieve top rankings on search engine.

  • Content Research

Content is a major element in determining the rankings of a website. The content quality effects ranking very widely. If the website is not continuously updated with fresh content the rankings will fall rapidly.

Content engages the customer traffic on the website if the content is good and knowledgeable the traffic will boost and vice-versa.

  • Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions provide the first glimpse of a website without actually opening it, so if the description is crisp and informative it will automatically persuade the customer to go further with that link. Write it carefully and try to make it more and more knowledge worthy.

  • Web Analytics

You or the third party you have hired are doing the SEO job very efficiently but it is not evident in the results, what could be the reason?

The SEO experts need to analyze the effectivity of their work on the website. Go through the impact of your strategies and ideas on the results.

Analysis will give you a clear idea of your effort’s direction and all the necessary rectifications that must be made.

  • Website Speed

How irritating it becomes when you click a link and it takes forever to load the content! This a major turnoff for searchers, while a few of them may be patient enough to wait, the majority will leave the site and look for data through some other sources.

It is a proven fact that a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load its content repels all its customer and loses a significant amount of organic traffic. This would also affect ranking. Make the website quick and clear with loading the information.

  • Mobile Friendliness

The whole world is available on the mobile phone, its handy, compatible and does almost everything that a laptop or desktop can do. The percentage of searches made through mobile phones has gone really up, provided this scenario it is very vivid that your website needs to be mobile-friendly too.

Make it mobile compatible, and in such manner, you can gain a lot of customers. The fascination with mobile is quite evident in today’s world, make the most of it for your business growth through the means of SEO.

  • HTML

In the current scenario carrying out SEO without extensive knowledge of HTML is quite easy. However, it is recommended to keep a basic level of knowledge of HTML in case you have to solve the troubleshooting issues caused by codes that aren’t SEO friendly.

  • Link Building

While natural link builds are appreciated by every website, they need to put effort on link building strategies as well. It easier for major companies to do link building for their site, but when it comes to start-ups or minor companies the idea is tough to implement.

Sharpen the skills of link building witness satisfactory results for your website.

  • On- Page Factors

While your focus is excellent on content quality development and keyword usages, there are other on-page factors as well that needs to be rectified. Usage of tags on every page must be catchy so that customer goes further into the website and so much more.

SEO is a boon to today’s world. Right usage of this tool will make your company accomplish its goals and tops rankings at the same. You can choose to do it on your own or get it outsourced by SEO company in India, the results will be great it the doer is an expert of SEO.