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4 Solutions to Fix Lenovo OneKey Recovery Not Working Windows 10/8/7


In Windows 10/8/7, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is not working? Here are some ways to fix this Lenovo non-working program.


Lenovo OneKey Recovery Not Working Windows 10/8/7


In some branded notebooks, laptops or desktops, there is usually a program for backing up the operating system and restoring. As for Lenovo computer, the Lenovo OneKey Recovery tool can be used to back up OS and restore the system to a previous state in case of system crash.


On the hard drive, a hidden partition holding system imageand the OneKey Recovery system program files havealready existed from factory.


However, some users have reported this issue: Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working when they back up the system partition to an image file or restore the PC from the created system image. Why does Lenovo OneKey Recovery stop working? Here are four reasons: C drive is changed, the recovery partition is deleted, the system is reinstalled, or the hard drive holding recovery partition is damaged.


What should be done when Lenovo OneKey Recovery does not start? Try these following solutions right now.


How to Fix Non-working Lenovo OneKey Recovery


Way 1: Use Diskpart


Some of you may report the error message “The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may need to recreate the partition to continue” when loading up Lenovo OneKey Recovery in Windows.


To fix this issue, you can run Command Prompt as administrator and run the following commands. And please press the Enter key after each command line.



list disk

sel disk n: Here n means the disk letter of the hard drive on which the OneKey Recovery program is installed.

list part

sel part n: N means the WinPE partition number

set id = 12

chk dsk

Way 2: Create a New Backup Image to Dump in Recovery Partition


After resizing partition C in Windows 10/8/7, Lenovo OneKey Recovery doesn’t work. In this case, users can try this way.


Step 1: Boot into OKR by pressing the Novo button.

Step 2: Select OneKey Recovery.

Step 3: OPress CTRL+SHIFT+O to call Command Prompt. 

Step 4: Ensure whether all partitions have right drive letters. OKR seems to only work if the OS is on the drive C, so type dir c:.

Step 5: See which drive letter the recovery partition uses. Then,users should try each of the following alphabets until they see the volume label LENOVO_PART and a number of folders including EFI, NB, OKRBackup, or OneKey:

dir d:

dir e:

dir f:

dir g:

Step 6: Change to the lenovo_part partition. Take the G: drive as an example, just type g:.

Step 7: Input cd onekey\osimage.

Step 8: Enter osimage /fb.

Step 9: Wait patiently.When seeingthe message “Backup Success…”, type dir \okrbackup\factory.

Step 10: Reboot the computer or test the recovery image.


Way 3: Use Recovery DVD


  1. Buy a recovery disc and connect it to the PC.
  2. Run the PC, continuously press F12 on the Lenovo logo screen to enter Boot Manager.
  3. Boot the PC from the disc.
  4. Perform a recovery process by following the wizard.


Ask a Repair Shop for Help


If all of the above methods fail to fix the non-working backup program, users can send the Lenovo computer to a repair shop.


Use Lenovo OneKey Recovery Alternative


In the event of Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working issue, users can choose to use its alternative to back up the Windows operating system and perform a system image recovery.


To do this work, a third-party program is worth recommending. And here, we use MiniTool ShadowMaker, professional and free PC backup software for Windows 10/8/7.


This program can help not only back up Windows OS but also files, disk & partition. Besides, incremental, differential and automatic backup are supported.