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How to View Full Size Instagram Photos and Profile Picture

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Do you know that the photos transferred on Instagram profile do not appear in the full size?

You can’t see somebody’s profile picture in full size on Instagram.

You can just observe the edited roundabout rendition. Truly, the pixels of the photographs are decreased! All things considered, there’s an approach to see full-measure Instagram photographs which we have delineated in this article.

Aside from that, in the event that you are hoping to see somebody’s Instagram full-sized profile picture, at that point we got you covered as well.

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The pictures you find in your news field or on your or another person’s profile are resized. In this way, here we are with a strategy that will assist you with viewing anybody’s full-size Instagram photographs which are otherwise scaled down.

If you need to know how to view full-size Instagram photos and profile pictures you should follow the steps given below:

Step 1. –  Visit the Instagram site from any program. Sign in utilizing your details if not done as of now.

Step 2. –  Presently, go the profile of the person whose image you need to find in full size. Click on the ideal photograph.

Step 3. –  After tapping on the photograph, you have to annex media/? size=l in the URL.

For example, if the first URL is –


At that point, it will move toward becoming –


Notice the Bold part in the changed URL.

Step 4. –  After modifying the URL hit the Enter button.


Along these lines, you will be diverted to the full-size variant of the picture.

Aside from this, you can likewise see the medium size and thumbnail form of the photograph too.

So as to see medium or thumbnail adaptation use media/?size=m and media/?size=t separately toward the finish of the URL. Here ‘m’ represents Medium and ‘t’ represents the thumbnail obviously.

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