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Reasons To Invest On Instagram To Build Your Brand


Investing on Instagram will prove to be extremely worthwhile and productive for your business brand as you will be able to reach out to more and more targeted audience and gain more fans. According to reports, Instagram has:

  • More than a billion users
  • More than 800 million business profiles and
  • Most of the users are active on this platform.

A lot of other reports also say that there are more women users on Instagram as compared to the men, though the gender gap is not as large as it was in the initial years.

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Therefore, these facts are impressive and reason enough for you to invest in Instagram ads and stories. If you still want a few more strong reasons to invest on this useful visual platform in the social media landscape then there are a few other facts as well in addition to the above figures.

According to Instagram itself, it is found that:

  • 60% of people corroborate the same opinion admitting that they have discovered new products and service on this platform and
  • 75% of the Instagram followers make a decision after they see a post and get inspired by it.

Therefore, there is nothing else to prove that throwing in some money on Instagram ads and post just like your Facebook ads will lead to more reach out and exposure of your brand, enable you to turn them into prospective buyers, generate more revenue while at the same time allowing you to have more and better control over who can see your pictures and posts.

However, as an Instagram advertiser, you should latch onto the fact that it uses the demographic data of Facebook to make your ads reachable to the proper parties. This makes this tool the most valuable for advertisers who want to target a niche audience. This is because the Facebook has already a decent history and a thorough demographic targeting option. This convincing check by the Facebook results in better Instagram success stories. It also enables you to sort your page according to different categories such as:

  • Industry
  • Goal
  • Product
  • Region
  • Demand and
  • Business size.

All these fields will enable you to find several other stories that hover around business of similar type as yours. You will also come to know how these particular businesses are achieving success with their Instagram advertisements.

The cost factor

When you make any investment for your business it is natural that you will consider the cost factor to determine how productive your investment is. Even Instagram advertising will also come at a price in spite of the impressive fact that it will receive much higher engagement as compared to Facebook ads on an average scale. However, apart from the success of it, the cost of Instagram advertising is another factor that you should invest on it.

You can follow different sites to find out the cost of Instagram advertising and the specific model used to evaluate such costs. Ideally, the model used for this purpose is based on Cost Per Impressions, more commonly known as CPM.

This model shows that comparatively posting an Instagram ad will cost you a bit more that posting the same on Facebook. This is because of the fact that the Instagram ads are so highly targeted.

Looking at the bright side of Instagram advertising, you will have more control on how you will allocate your budget for advertising. For example, you can choose between a daily budget and a lifetime budget. The daily budget will limit the total amount spend each day while the lifetime budget on the other hand will allow you to set up your ads for a specific length of time till the time the budget is exhausted.

There are also several other ways in which you can control your Instagram advertising budget. These specific ways include:

  • Setting up your ad schedule by specifying certain hours of the day in which you want your ads to run
  • Setting up your ad delivery method by choosing any one from the available three options such as a link clicks, daily unique reach, and impressions and lastly
  • Setting up your bid amount whether it will be manual or automatic.

Choose the best one according to your need, business requirements and of course your budget.

The steps to follow

One you are sure that you can create a long-term value of Instagram advertising for better brand marketing, you must now follow the perfect steps so that you make your endeavor a success and most cost effective.

  • The first step is to create your Instagram account and start posting relevant and engaging images for the users to see and
  • Make sure that you add compelling taglines or catchy captions along with relevant and attractive hashtags before you post the pictures so that you can engage your growing follower base even more.

Browse through some of the top rated small to medium sized businesses for better Instagram advertising ideas if you struggle doing it yourself or take help from reputed and reliable experts such as https://gramblast.com or others for that matter.

Remember, making use if the Instagram in the best possible way is crucial or else it will turn out to be a lost opportunity even though it has so much potential to offer to convert and engage user leads, partners, as well as current customers.

However, if you take help from experts it will prove out to be the easiest and most effective way to talk about your product and brand, engage in a conversation with your customers and turn them into a loyal customer base. It will not take a lot of effort for this if you follow these steps:

  • Build a community around with an actionable hashtag
  • Partner with a good cause to support your brand value
  • Relate to your followers
  • Do not over-post but promote your Instagram everywhere
  • Use all the Instagram tools on offer and
  • Get inspiration from others.

You may even find a few whom you can use them as your brand promoters even.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit https://gramblast.com and learn how to build more follower presence.