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11 Things You Must Pack for Your Goa Trip

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If you are planning a trip to Goa and have booked one of the pool villas, take some time and prepare things you need to pack. Make a list of beach essentials to make your trip a breeze and fashionable! Pack stuff to make your vacation Instagrammable too!

Here’s a list of essentials you must pack for your Goa vacation:

  1. Sunscreen

It is tough to survive in Goa without a sunscreen. A hat and pair of sunglasses are not enough to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Protect your skin by applying a sunscreen above SPF 50. Make sure it is water proof.

  1. Swimwear

This is no brainer. A trip to your favorite beach destination can never be complete without a hot bikini. Soaking up in the sun without swimwear will spoil the fun. So pack your bikini, swimsuit or anything that you prefer to wear prior to hitting the beach or the pool in one of the private pool villas.

  1. Coverups or Sarong

Carry a couple of stylish coverups and/or sarongs to drape around you. This is a must have after a day of delight at the beach. Sarongs are feminine and easy to drape. You can use it in multiple styles. Beach coverups are the latest trend. Buy these to coverup your bikini in style.

  1. Body Butter

This is an important element on your list of Goa vacation shopping. Your skin may not be happy with the temperatures in Goa. Buy a body butter that is best suited for hot and humid weather.

  1. Lip Balm

The weather of Goa and salty wind can make your lips dry. Pack a lip balm with SPF. Make sure it locks in moisture.

  1. A Large Tote

This is a must have for your vacation. Make sure you have a big, stylish, waterproof, lightweight tote. It will carry all of your essential stuff.6. Tank Tops and Spaghetti Straps

  1. Hair Conditioner

Salty sea water and wind blowing near sand can take a toll on your hair texture. It can get dry, brittle, and sticky. Since you will be washing your hair daily, a conditioner is a must have. Make double sure you use it after each wash.

8. Mirrored Sunglasses

These are in vogue! Mirrored sunglasses have reflective finish in bright hues. You can get these easily under various brands. From wayfarer to aviator, choose one that suits your style. Apart from fashion purpose, mirrored shades are functional too. The intensity of sunlight reflected by the sand is more than what you face in daily life. Wearing a pair of reflective glasses will help you protect eyes from harmful ultra violet rays of sun.

  1. A Pair of Crocs

Crocs footwear are a great add on for your Goa trip. These are very adaptable and look stylish. You can wear these for a stroll on the beach or while walking down the local markets of Goa. Crocs are comfortable and perfect beach wear.

  1. Chunky Jewellery

Buy some chunky jewelry to turn into a Boho Chic for a beach party or a photo session. Pair up these with sarongs, floral gowns, and shorts to fire up your Instagram profile. Light weight chunky pieces are the best choice per up beach party.

  1. Straw Hat and Beach Bag

You can’t do without a wide brimmed straw hat and a beach bag in Goa. It is stylish, protects you from the harsh effects of sun rays and makes you look stylish. A beach bag will carry all of your essentials while you take a carefree stroll by the beach.