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Top 10 National Parks in India


1. Ranthambore National Park

ranthambor national parkRanthambore National Park is situated at a separation of 158 km from Jaipur in the Sawai Madhopur locale of South-eastern Rajasthan. It covers a territory of around 392 sq. Km, encompassed by different asylums like Mansingh Sanctuary and Kaila Devi Sanctuary.

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This park is the greatest National Park in Northern India and one among the conspicuous Wildlife places of interest of India. It is known to be the best tiger spotting area of India as the recreation centre is significantly occupied by the regal predators.

Ranthambore National Park has a dry sub-tropical atmosphere. The three noteworthy seasons are summer, winter, and monsoon. It is prescribed to visit the recreation centre among October and June to appreciate at the fullest. You can appreciate the one of a kind wild of Ranthambore twice in multi-day as two treks are led each day.

The safari timings change in view of the seasons keeping the comfort of the guests. Amid this safari, one can appreciate being in the open meadows of woods zones and stays of landmarks inside the recreation centre.

The safaris give plentiful chances to fascinating untamed life seeing. On a safari, you can see a tiger chasing deer, lounging in the sun at the vestiges of Ranthambore Fort, drinking water from the water gaps or lakes. You can likewise get the look at the Royal Bengal tigers taking care of their young ones. The safaris can make your visit significant.


2. Jim Corbett National Park

jim corbettJim Corbett National Park is a Project Tiger Reserve arranged in the Nainital, Uttarakhand. It is the most established National Park of India. It is likewise well known as the principal Project Tiger was first propelled here in the year 1973.

This National Park is home to more than 650 endangered species of birds and different creatures, elephants and four to five types of deer. Corbett National Park offers unmatched alternatives like jeep safari, elephant safari and lope safari for the sightseers to start their experience untamed life stumbles into the backwoods.

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The climate stays moderate here with a differing temperature of 5°C to 30°C amid the winter and ascends to 40°C amid summer. Winter mornings are foggy. Rainstorm gets substantial precipitation in Corbett. The best time to visit Corbett National Park is from Mid-November to Mid-June.

3. Kanha National Park

kanha national parkKanha Tiger Reserve prevalently known as Kanha National Park is one among the numerous tiger stores of India and is considered as the biggest National Park of Madhya Pradesh with an expansion of more than 1,940-sq-km’s.

This park is home to a noteworthy populace of Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, panthers, Indian wild puppy, and Barasingha. Click To Tweet

The worldwide remarkable exemplary Jungle Book was the consequence of the motivation to Rudyard Kipling which he assembled from the lavish green timberlands of Sal and bamboo, green glades and gorges or crevasse of Kanha.

The best time to visit Kanha national park is from Mid-October as far as possible of June. Amid storm season, from July to Mid-October the recreation centre stays shut.


4. Bandhavgarh National Park

bandhavgarh parkBandhavgarh National Park is arranged in the Umaria locale of Eastern Madhya Pradesh in Central India. It is home to in excess of 250 types of winged animals and 22 distinct types of warm-blooded animals.

The lovely woods of Bandhavgarh pull in various travellers from everywhere throughout the world. This national park stays taking care of business amid the spring season.

The perfect time to explore the natural life in this park is from January to March. The climate stays wonderful and ideal from November to March and is considered as the best time to visit here, on the off chance that you would prefer not to go amid summer.

But if you want to spot the Royal Bengal Tigers stalking inside the park, you should visit there amid the most sweltering month of April, May, and June.


5. Kaziranga National Park

kaziranga parkKaziranga National Park is a notable national park of India arranged in the middle of two locales of Assam – Golaghat, and Nagaon. The park is situated on the banks of waterway Brahmaputra. It has been announced as a world legacy site by UNESCO.

This park is home to 66% of one-horned rhinoceroses of the world. Kaziranga was proclaimed as a Tiger hold in the year 2006 as it had the most noteworthy thickness of tigers of all the ensured territories on the planet.

The recreation centre likewise protects immense rearing populaces of elephants, swamp deer, and wild water bison. It is additionally perceived as a conspicuous birdlife region by Birdlife International for saving fluctuated types of birdlife.

The best season to enjoy at Kaziranga National Park is between November and April. Click To Tweet


6. Bandipur National Park

bandipur parkBandipur National Park is situated in Karnataka, South India. This park is acclaimed for its natural life wealth. The recreation centre spreads 874 square km, which covers many imperilled types of creatures and vegetation.

This park is situated on the Mysore – Ooty parkways. This keeps this place on the course that is secured by various sightseers, consistently. It has a lot of tigers and elephants.

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The Bandipur national park is well known for spotting elephants and tigers. Click To Tweet

Aside from these, top warm-blooded animals to spot here are Bonner macaque, dhole, civet, wilderness feline, Indian palm, Goliath flying squirrel, striped hyena, corroded spotted feline, Nilgiri tahr, panther, Hanuman langur, feline panther, four horned gazelle, Indian rabbit red and others.

Birdwatching is a significant action here. The reproducing period of winged creatures, begin directly before the storm season.

Amid the pinnacle winter season, movement fowls are very normal. Spotting creatures amid summer is simple. Creatures come to water sources to extinguish their thirst amid the mid-year with their little ones. So, avoid the storm season to visit the recreation centre.


7. Nagarhole National Park

nagarhole parkNagarhole National Park or Rajiv Gandhi national park is situated in Kodagu locale of Karnataka. It is a piece of Nilgiri biosphere saves and is presently under the thought for acknowledgment as a legacy site.

The park is loaded up with cascades, slopes, valleys, streams, and woods. This park is well known for its rich populace of creatures and winged animals.

Nagarhole national park has the most astounding thickness of herbivores in Asia. This park is best for spotting elephants, guar, tiger, and bear.

The recreation center is a significant winged animal watching spot amid the mid-year season.

The counterfeit lakes and streams dry into puddles, which pull in numerous flying creatures. Top flying creatures to spot are a white-upheld vulture, more prominent spotted bird, Nilgiri wood pigeon, red-headed vulture, blue-winged parakeet, oriental white ibis, Malabar dark hornbill, and others.

The best time to visit is from October to May. Amid this period, spotting creatures and flying creatures are simple.

Travel inside the recreation center is additionally simpler. It is smarter to stay away from the rainstorm season. Amid overwhelming precipitation, the recreation center may be shut for guests.


8. Periyar National Park

periyar national parkPeriyar National Park and natural Wildlife sanctuary is situated in Thekkady, Kerala. It is extremely acclaimed among visitors as elephant and tiger hold.

The park spreads 357 square miles of land. Two fundamental waterways, Pamba, and Periyar go through the recreation center which helps the greenery to flourish in this area.

December to March is the perfect time because of the absence of downpour and mellow temperature.

The creatures, movement fowls and butterflies are simpler to spot amid this season. Photography visits are best when taken amid this time. The west part of this national park center is flanked by a level. From the level, the land soaks down to the valley of Pamba.


9. Madumalai National Park

madumalai national parkMudumalai National Park is a proclaimed tiger hold that is situated in the upper east of Nilgiri Mountain or the blue mountain. It is situated in Nilgiri locale and offers its fringes with Kerala and Karnataka.

This national park is home to various endangered species like Bengal tiger since quite a while ago charged vulture, white-rumped vulture, Indian panther, Indian elephant, and others.

The atmosphere in this park is relatively hotter than in close-by zones. This is because of the vegetation present in the recreation center.

The best time to visit the park is from February to June. During this season, creatures come to watering gaps and lakes to extinguish their thirst. Spotting creatures close to water sources become simpler.

The winged creature populace is most astounding amid this season because of relocation. The vegetation sheds its leaves and will be totally secured with blossoms. This is the best season for photography. June to August is the most noticeably terrible time to visit this national park.


10. Eravikulam National Park

eravikulum parkEravikulam National Park is the first of its thoughtful situated in Munnar, Kerala. It is Kerala’s first national park.

This park is well known for its accumulation of tahr. Nilgiri tahr is a goat-like animal category that is imperiled. One can without much of a stretch spot tahr in this park.

Some uncommon creatures and imperiled types of butterflies can be spotted here. The recreation center is likewise acclaimed for an incredible perspective on tea ranch, moving slopes, and neelakurunji.

Neelakurunji is a blue-hued kurunjiflower, which sprouts once in 12 years. The Eravikulam national park has a normal tropical montane atmosphere. The pinnacle territory increases substantial precipitation than different pieces of the park.

The best time to visit the recreation center is from September to November and from April to June. The park will be closed during heavy rains.