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Top 5 Apps and Sites to Save Travelers Money

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Traveling comes along with a lot of parameters to keep in mind – accommodation, routes, food and various other expenses. However nothing can stop an avid traveler to explore new places and with the evolving travel trends setting the bar high, there are solutions for every travel issue. The one thing that we never forget to have with us is our mobile phone and this is what builds the root of the new way of traveling. When you plan a trip, you make sure it is cost-effective and exciting at the same time. Does this always seem possible? Well, now it will. With these amazing apps and sites to save travelers’ money, you can set your plan right just in a few minutes. Read on.

Trail Wallet

The first app we will talk about is the very effective Trail Wallet. You no more need to worry about going beyond your budget while traveling because now you have an app to travel your expenses. Isn’t that great? Trail Wallet helps you track your expenses and ensure you stick to the daily budget. You can set a daily budget on the app and add expenses easily through the Quick Add option if need be. The easy smartphone app keeps you informed if you are spending additional money. You can even add amounts in your national currency or in the currency of the country you are traveling to. Trail Wallet offers free service for the maximum of 25 items which is indeed worth a try.


Being an avid traveler, you must be aware of this popular travel saving app, Kayak. It is a leading travel; site and app helping travelers get the cheapest air fares in comparison to the other competitive travel sites. The mobile app allows one to book air tickets without hassle. Its Watchlistfeature can be used to get fare alerts via direct email or text. Once you look for flights I a definite route, Kayak will keep you informed with the fare increase or drop.

Topdeck Travel

Are you of an age group of 18 to 30? If yes, Topdeck Travel is an ideal travel app for you. The app offers the users with a broad range of trip locations across the world. If you are planning to travel with fellow travelers instead of going solo, it is a perfect app to get in touch with avid wanderers. With this app in your smartphone, you can manage the itinerary easily, check out the city guides and even keep a check on your spending. Isn’t that cool!

Topdeck Travel saves your itinerary and travel details. It helps you stay connected with your fellow travelers as you can have group chats, share maps, pre-set pins and much more via Topdeck. It is a simple way to keep an eye on your bucket list and co-travelers.


Viator is another best money saving app of 2018 that gives you helpful suggestions for a good vacation. The app allows you have information about tours, get ideas that you won’t think of otherwise. You get to know about the best places in the major tourist destinations all across the world. Type in any place you want to travel and there it is – each and everything one needs to know. In a way, you can call it a travel planner which acts as a good friend, showing you ideal places, fun things to do and everything you can seek within your budget. Did we forget mentioning its low price guarantee?


Let’s now talk about the high accommodation costs you set while traveling. Obviously you want spending all of on your stay and neither would you like compromising with your comfort. We understand all of it and so here it is, the app to help save money for travelers – Airbnb. It is a savior for travelers, especially the ones on a strict budget. Download the app, set your location and find the best options of accommodation nearby at a cost-effective price.

Airbnb is now serving more than 190 countries in the world. It offers comfortable, well-equipped rooms and rental apartments – a perfect experience in a new place! It has also upgraded its new feature “Experiences” where a local posts the best things to do and places to visit in the city or town you are in.

Doesn’t it feel great to know that these apps and sites to save travelers money can actually bring you the best travel experiences right on one click in your phone?Book you cheap flight tickets at travel agency and save money.Happy travel!